From the highest mountain of the Andes, the deep Amazon jungle and Latin America’s loudest cities, comes the explosive sound of Falakumbe. Cumbia-reggae chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song that melts the stage and the audience together into a one big pachanga. 

Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordelo and Chico Trujillo. The band members emigrated from Peru and Chile to Europe. For them, Falakumbe is a liberated place for political resistance through music and dance.

With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows.


The band formed in Stockholm in 2014 when two musical projects came together, One was a reggae-rock project and the other an acoustic cumbia-rumba project. The combination resulted in a cumbia-punk band that soon became popular for their energic shows.

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