VoG – Diversity Without Borders – Open air Festival 2019


On 16th, 17th and 18th August the „Diversity Without Borders – Festival“ takes place in Leipzig.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you are invited to join various workshops, e.g. building instruments, Djembé, Rap & Beatmaking, West African dance ad TT Fun Lab (Ping_Pong).

The participants of the workshops will also present the results of dance and music and will all together create a swirling festival finale.

Also for the little ones a lot is offered: Music2Unite and a Krea.Aktiv workshop from GRASSI Museum takes place on all three days

The whole culture factory – terrain is played: WERK 2, Cammerspiele, Frauenkultur e.V., HalleD open air area.

And, of course, some bands like Falakumbe, Ampersan, VMO, Riosentí, Wontanara OrcheXtra, Klänge der Hoffnung, Folitamá, Sesiones del Sur and madamtamtam* will perform and provide the musical rounding of the festival. 

Furthermore, we are opening our first festival PODIUM with some contributions from the festival artists, like 20 jears subculture in west Leipzig, Music of Malinké, Ampersan & Riosetí, music between tradition and modernity, and much more.

The festival serves intercultural exchange and the promotion of social participation. Through shared experiences boundaries will be turn down and bridges will be built, prejudices reduced and fear of contact overcome.

With our festival we want to promote a non-verbal sensitization through the language of music and the diversity of cultures in Leipzig. Through the encounter and direct participation in the artistic offerings, we want to create a new, neutral, social environment in relation to other cultures – as an alternative basis for communication between citizens of all cultures in Leipzig.

Intercultural associations and actors of integration work present their offers – information. In common, dancing and playing, making music and much more, we would like to create a day of meeting with all citizens possible.

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